ADM Israel 

ADM Israel specializes in the import and marketing of raw materials for cattle and poultry feed, in the creation of treated poultry litter for the cattle industry, and in the development and manufacture of fertilizers for agriculture.
ADM Israel is currently one of the largest companies in Israel in its main fields of activity.
The success of the company derives from a combination of uncompromising product quality, extensive professional knowledge and excellent customer service. Customers enjoy unique added value:
Advice, training and professional guidance in the field of cattle feed, analysis of the composition of materials, and readily available updates close to ship arrival times – provided by the company nutritionist, Shimon Ophir, one of the leading professionals in this field.
Our Unique high-quality products, which are imported to Israel alongside a variety of additional products for feeding cattle and poultry, from the world's leading suppliers in their field.
A new online service for tracking orders and shipments.
ADM Israel  own a logistics center in the new industrial park in the hinterland of the Port of Ashdod. The new center expands the variety of services and improves the quality of service provided to ADM Israel customers. It comes along with the company's existing storage, crushing and pressing services that ADM Israel customers enjoy throughout Israel.
On this website you'll find certified and up-to-date information regarding the variety of raw materials, products and services that ADM Israel offers the Israeli market – for feeding cattle and poultry as well as for nourishing the ground for field crops. The company staff is committed to providing products that are of the highest quality on the market and the most suited to your needs, together with the best professional recommendations by our experts.

About Us

Who we are
Established in 1982, the company's areas of expertise are the processing of various types of organic waste, the import and marketing of grains for animal feed, oil cake and flour for feeding animals, storage of emergency supplies for the state, processing grains (crushing, pressing, etc.) and developing fertilizers for soil nutrition.
The company is motivated by an approach that places customer service as a top priority. This approach is manifested in a constant commitment to quality, in flexibility in tailoring solutions for the customer, in complete transparency and in uncompromising reliability.
In recent years the company has undergone a process of accelerated growth that has expanded both the range and the quantitative volume of its activity. The company is currently numbered among Israel's leading companies in its main fields of activity. It enjoys a strong professional reputation and continues to present a high rate of growth in the various parameters.


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